My Girlfriend's Mother
My Girlfriend's Mother
1h 3min • 18+ Adult Movies
2018 | 7 IMDb
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The mother who is a single parent Aleta competes against her daughter because they are always proving who is the most beautiful, sexiest woman between the two. They even end up having sex in front of each other showing they are better. The daughter found a new boyfriend. Eventually when the new boyfriend found out what's going on between his girlfriend and her mother he decided to put a stop to it once and for all. He invited both of them to stay with him at the lake house because of it being spring break. His parents doesn't know that he knows about the secret room in the lake house. He decided to use the secret room to break and train both the mother and his girlfriend to be his slave by using the right technique to break and train them in being a slave. Will this bring both the mother and the daughter much closer when he turns them into slaves especially in the relationship and sex wise?

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