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2021 | 0 IMDb
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The efficiency of Hard Rock, the power of Heavy Metal, the spirit of Thrash. This is how we could sum up Furies’s approach and whose first album, which was released at the fall of 2020, will surely aim at the heart and guts of the Metal audience as a whole. The recipe has been proven and we know it works devilishly well. From the hymnic « You & I » and « Voodoo Chains » to more complex « Fortune’s Gate » or raging « Unleash The Furies », Furies distils a real Heavy Metal method in 10 lessons. No need to reinvent the wheel to make it roll far, fast and right : if the Parisian four-piece cannot deny old school heavy metal masters’s influence (Judas Priest, Iron Maiden), they add a touch of undeniable freshness and a resolutely contemporary production, coming from prestigious Labomatic (Paris) and Domination (Italy) studios.

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