1h 44min • Thriller
2020 | 5.6 IMDb
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Political thriller based on the bestselling book of the same name by writer Arpad Soltész. It is set in the world of high politics, organized crime and big money. A promising member of parliament with the support of mafia starts his own party, which later wins the election with a landslide, and he becomes Prime Minister. Together with him, the country will be ruled by criminals who control the police, the courts and state business and subsidies. The mafia is also behind the disappearance of a teenager, Broni, from a rehabilitation centre. The girl is missing only by her friend Nada. She tells journalist Ondra about the missing inmate and the strange practices used by the management of the facility, such as forced sex or drugging. Based on her testimony, the young editor embarks on a dangerous investigation to uncover high-ranking politicians' links to the underworld and expose their abuse of power to enrich themselves and manipulate others.

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